Product Development

Business Need

Upcoming launch of a new unique product requiring development (From conception to formulation). 

Product Formulation

Services Offered

  • Consulting/Advice
  • Viability/Market Research
  • Formulation requirements
  • Advice on potential ingredients and sources (functional and non-functional)
  • Product testing and trials
  • Assist in the commercialisation of the new product

Business Outcome

In this particular example the new product: a dairy, gluten, egg and yeast free dessert mix was successfully developed and launched to the market. 


Product Sourcing/Sourcing Agent

Business Need

Sourcing high quality and cost effective products from around the world.

Services Offered

  • Consulting/Advice
  • Access to our global supply network
  • Quality and assurance
  • Shipping arrangements
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Assistance in the end to end process

Business Outcome

In this instance, the wholesale packing of whole and skim milk powder was successfully established to be shipped to Taiwan.


Product Distribution/Representation

Business Need

Ejecting a product or range of products into a new market, particular country or region.

Services Offered

  • Consulting/Advice
  • Distribution of Product
  • Representation in foreign markets
  • Agency services
  • Expert opinion on the market conditions

Business Outcome

An Indian based company were successfully able to distribute their products range in Australia and New Zealand.


End to End Consultation/Product Research

Business Need

Develop a business or marketing plan and analysing the financial returns for the projected plan.

Services Offered

  • Consulting/Advice
  • Build a functional ingredients plan
  • Research and analysis
  • Financial projections (including ROI)
  • Assist in the execution of the plan
  • Manage the end to end process

Business Outcome

Customer was able to construct a blending plan for a particular functional product or range of products.

Our specialty is bringing business plans to life

Understanding your requirements will allow for our team to provide and assist you with the best possible solution. Some examples of services we have provided include (but is not limited to):

Innovative way of developing products through the research from start to launch with our innovation facilities globally

Strategic Planning and Marketing of customer Projects

Performance improvement of current products and services with our current channels globally

Strategically align customers Supply and Supplier Channel optimatisation

Focus on emerging markets like Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, etc

Implementing import/export strategies- assisting and assisting with the whole import/export process

Sourcing of products globally within and beyond our global network of manufacturers/producers